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Our Corporate Plan

Updated: 07 Feb 2016
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The Corporate Plan deals with our overall objectives
view from Moylena House, Finaghy

The Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan sets out the Housing Executive’s principal goals and objectives for the years ahead. It is a 3-year plan with particular focus upon the actions which will be taken in the first of those years. Those actions go to make up the Business Plan for the year and performance against that Plan is monitored each month by the Board.
The Corporate Plan provides a broad analysis of the environment in which we deliver our services. This will include reference to the Programme for Government along with other Government policies relating to housing; the financial context; the circumstances of the housing market generally; and other developments which affect the business or the people we serve.
The Plans are developed on foot of broad consultations with the community and voluntary sector, partner organisations within and without the public sector, our staff and political representatives via the Northern Ireland Housing Council. The Board sets the scope of the plans following those consultations. A final draft is sent to consultees prior to final endorsement by the Board and subsequent submission to the Minister for Social Development for approval.
The approved plan effectively forms
  • Our commitment to the people we serve
  • Our commitment to Government and a demonstration of how we will conduct our stewardship of the public funds which we manage
  • A set of actions against which our performance can be measured and judged.