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Housing Benefit

Updated: 26 Aug 2016
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Housing Benefit helps those on lower incomes
HB1 Housing Benefit claim form
During 2014/15, we paid a total of £671m in Housing Benefit to 167,000 customers. At the end of March 2015 there were 166,600 tenants claiming Housing Benefit (67,477 in Housing Executive tenancies, 27,685 in Housing Association tenancies and 71,438 in Private Rented Sector tenancies).
A further £3.38m was paid to Rate Relief claimants and £0.15m was paid to Lone Pensioner Allowance claimants. In addition, further assistance was provided to 15,453 private sector claimants through the Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme with awards totalling £3.2m being made over the course of the year.
We continued our efforts to reduce the level of fraudulent claims and during the year 688 cases were referred to the Benefit Investigation Service of the Social Security Agency for investigation, resulting in the detection of overpayments of approximately £300,000.