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Affordable housing

Updated: 30 Nov 2015
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We have several schemes to help people buy their homes
A woman moving out of a sold property
The continuing depression in the housing market and increasing numbers of people in housing need have caused significant difficulties in housing in Northern Ireland. we play a major role in ensuring a sufficient range of housing that offers diversity, affordability and accessibility within a balanced market. During 2012/13, in partnership with housing associations, we delivered 1,379 new social housing starts to help meet the needs of applicants for social housing. In approving these schemes we committed Housing Association Grant funding totalling £81m.
We continued to implement the House Sales Scheme, which provides an opportunity for tenants to own their home. During the year we sold 297 homes compared to 226 the previous year.
The Social Housing Development Programme was supported by the transfers of Housing Executive land through the Housing Association Transfer Programme. We transferred land in our ownership to housing associations on which 19 schemes for 419 homes were started, representing 30% of total starts on site during the year.