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Affordable housing

Updated: 24 Sep 2016
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We have several schemes to help people buy their homes
A woman moving out of a sold property
During 2014/15, in partnership with housing associations, we exceeded the target of 2,000 new social housing starts, delivering 2,013. This helped meet the needs of applicants for social housing, ranging from those with general housing needs (families and individuals) through to applicants with supported housing needs.
Across the four year Programme for Government period 2011/12-2014/15, a total of 6,101 social housing starts have been achieved against a target of 6,000. A total of 1,658 new homes were also completed in 2014/15.
We continued to implement the House Sales Scheme, which provides an opportunity for tenants to own their home. During the year we sold 471 homes.
We transferred land in our ownership to housing associations to support the start on site of 335 new homes. Fold Housing Association is developing 102 units on transfer land at Rathgill (Bangor) and the Housing Executive also provided sites for several smaller rural new build schemes in locations such as Ballinderry, Stewartstown and Charlemont. 119 rural units were recorded as starts in 2014/15, bringing a total of over 500 new rural homes over the last 4 years.
Six shared community schemes have been approved to be part of the Northern Ireland Executive’s Together Building United Communities (TBUC), with the 67 unit scheme at 314 Ravenhill Road in Belfast by Apex Housing being completed and successfully allocated on a crosscommunity basis. The Housing Executive approved these schemes as part of a total Housing Association Grant allocation of £96m.