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Updated: 27 Sep 2016
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An example of a grant funded replacement home in Fermanagh
Replacement grant Fermanagh
The continued reduction in funding for Private Sector Grants has restricted the acceptance of applications for Discretionary Grants for improvement and repair. However, we did approve 202 Discretionary Renovation, Replacement and Home Repair Assistance Grants where exceptional circumstances were deemed to exist.
During the year, we spent over £10.7m on adaptations, helping 1,022 households to maintain independence in their own homes. We approved 1,205 Disabled Facilities Grants to the value of approximately £10.9m. This was below the target number of approvals (1,300) for the year as Disabled Facilities Grants are demand led.
During 2014/15, we exceeded our target of 700 Repair Grant approvals, approving 907 Repairs Grants and 202 Discretionary Grants, resulting in a total number of approvals of 1,109.