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Updated: 30 Nov 2015
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An example of a grant funded replacement home in Fermanagh
Replacement grant Fermanagh
The reduction in funding for the Private Sector Grants Scheme meant we have been unable to accept any new discretionary grant enquiries for tackling disrepair and unfitness in private sector housing since May 2009. Mandatory Disabled Facility Grants and Repair Grants, along with all other grant applications which had been approved prior to May 2009, continued as normal and payments were made when work was completed.
This has restricted acceptance of applications to mandatory Disabled Facilities and Repair Grants. We did approve a small number of Discretionary Renovation, Replacement and Home Repair Assistance Grants where exceptional circumstances were deemed to exist.
During 2012/13 we approved 926 Repairs Grants, and 106 Discretionary Grants. This resulted in a total number of approvals of 1,032 compared to 1,026 grants approved in 2011/12.Funding was also made available to complete 157 dwellings in Group Repair schemes and continuing on a further 39 dwellings in Belfast.