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Rural housing issues

Updated: 29 Aug 2014
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Rural communities have specific needs and challenges
Rural cottage view
We provide a range of services to help rural communities and those living or wanting to live in rural areas. We have developed our ‘Rural Homes and People’ policy and are currently implementing a rural action plan to address rural housing issues. This deals with both public and private housing and applies to small towns, villages and other settlements across Northern Ireland.
The 2009/12 Rural Progress Report and Case Studies are now available

About this section

This section provides advice on the following topics:
  • New homes - If you need a home or belong to a rural community where you think there is a need for new homes.
  • Improving properties – if you want information on improving your property.
  • Communities - If your community is interested in forming a residents group, networking with other groups or wishes to raise rural housing issues with the Housing Executive.
  • Independent living - If you are faced with homelessness in a rural area or if perhaps your home requires adaptations to help you continue to live there.
  • Rural development - If you want to find out how housing can contribute to broader regeneration and development.