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Rural development - support and assistance

Updated: 25 Apr 2017
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Group repair grants have helped rural towns
Group repair Randalstown
We are involved in a range of activities including home improvement, community development support and assistance with social and affordable housing. We have also provided planning and technical advice and worked with local communities to develop regeneration plans and help deliver local projects.
All these activities can inject confidence into local areas, regenerate communities and contribute to rural development. It is our view that housing and rural development go hand-in-hand.  Rural development is of limited value if there are no decent homes for rural dwellers; decent housing is of limited value if there is no thriving economy and sustainable community locally.
Under our ‘Rural Homes and People’ Action Plan we will continue to work in local partnerships and build links with rural interests such as the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development,  the Rural Community Network and the Rural Development Council.
For further information on how housing can contribute to rural development contact the Rural Housing Unit