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The House Price Index

Updated: 12 Feb 2016
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The House Price Index is published every three months
Private sector housing
This report is produced by the University of Ulster, in partnership with Bank of Ireland and the Housing Executive. The survey analyses the performance of the Northern Ireland housing market during each three month period. The report is concerned with trends, performance and spatial patterns of house prices.
As a measure of annual change it makes comparisons with the same three months of the previous year. As an indicator of short-term change it makes comparison  with the previous three months.
Information is presented on residential property market performance for Northern Ireland, with an analysis of sale price by different property types.
Regional analysis provides the opportunity to explore trends in  market areas throughout the province.
The overall performance of the housing market is measured by a weighted index to reflect the market share of each property type.
The index captures various movements within a single statistic and allows changes over time to be tracked.
The price index reports can be downloaded or viewed as a PDF.

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