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The unmet need prospectus

Updated: 07 Dec 2016
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The prospectus shows the areas where we would welcome proposals for more housing
View of the Mournes
The unmet social housing need prospectus is prepared and managed by our Strategic Development Section and approved by the Minister for Social Development. The prospectus is updated to reflect current unmet social housing need and additional details can be obtained by contacting the relevant NIHE Regional Planner.
The Unmet Need Prospectus forms an integral part of the Social Housing Development Programme (SHDP), listing areas throughout Northern Ireland where there is a shortage of acquired development sites where the Housing Executive would welcome suitable scheme proposals.
The prospectus identifies areas of unmet social housing need by highlighting the SHDP shortfall for each district in relation to the strategic guidelines. The strategic guidelines are developed  in accordance with housing need assessments and are implemented to equitably distribute the new build social housing programme across all districts of Northern Ireland with identified housing need.
The prospectus provides essential information to housing associations and developers in relation to locations of unmet social housing need, supported housing schemes, travellers and strategic land throughout Northern Ireland.