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Updated: 19 Apr 2014
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Reference Contract Closing Date Description
ITT 16839 Tender for M&E Consultancy Appointment to prepare Equipment Register 12 noon 25th April 2014
The Housing Executive invites applications from contractors meeting the criteria stated in the documents to participate in the competition for the provision of technical resources to carry out a quantitative survey of mechanical and electrical equipment / systems currently in use in the Housing Executive's Buildings (including Multi storey buildings). The whole survey will be broken down in three Lots – Belfast Region, North region & South Region.
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T1234 Tender for the Provision of Business Support – Systems Thinking Approach to Business Redesign 12 noon 14th May 2014
The Housing Executive’s wishes to introduce new ways of working based on the principles of systems thinking.  Systems’ thinking has been selected as the appropriate method to improve quality and reduce costs and achieve greater value for money for customers and citizens. It is a method that looks at the whole customer service process from end to end from the customer’s perspective.  Systems’ thinking examines issues from a ‘whole system’ approach. It considers the system as a whole and not as a collection of separate parts.
Within the public sector there are many business improvement techniques and methodologies in use such as Lean, Six Sigma, business process re-engineering, systems thinking and total quality management.  The Housing Executive has used some of these techniques already in the review and improvement of specific areas of business and has the tools and processes in place to enable continuous improvement.  The Transformation programme, however, is different in that it involves radically redesigning services in a holistic way, achieving innovation and efficiencies while continuing to deliver critical services to our customers.
The Housing Executive’s entire approach to transformation will be a comprehensive method for successfully achieving significant change in a complex public sector housing environment.  The Transformation programme requires a fundamental review of the organisation’s core business functions as an entire system rather than a piecemeal review of individual functions or processes.  Consequently, it is intended to adopt a systems thinking approach to transformation as the organisation as a system may need to be entirely redesigned to optimise performance.  It is expected that a systems thinking approach will provide a robust and holistic approach to radical organisational change.
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