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Different ways you can pay your rent

Updated: 27 Nov 2015
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You can pay your rent at an accounts office
Collon Terrace District Office, Derry
You can pay your rent:
Staff in our Accounts Offices can assist you in finding the payment method that suits you.

How do I pay through PayPoint?

Tenants can go into any of the PayPoint  outlets located throughout Northern Ireland to pay their rent and other housing charges. You can use your new payment card. PayPoint agents are provided with an electronic terminal to record the customer transaction details. A typical transaction takes 20 seconds and each transaction produces a unique customer receipt. The service is completely free to customers.
Hand your rent card across the counter with your payment. Only cash payments are accepted. The counter staff will read your payment details from the card on their electronic terminal. Details of your rent payment will normally appear on your rent account within three working days. You'll get a receipt which you should retain to check off against your rent statement.

How do I pay online?

You can now pay for services online. Go to the online payment page and follow the instructions to make your payment quickly and securely by debit card. Paying by credit card will incur an additional charge of up to 2.5%. You will be advised of the amount at the time of your transaction.

How do I pay by telephone?

You can pay your rent by telephone using your payment card.  Call the Allpay automated  24 hour telephone service on 0844 557 8321and pay by debit or credit card. Telephone payments by credit card do not presently incur an additional charge.

Can I pay directly from my bank account?

If you have a current bank or building society account you can pay by Direct Debit or Standing Order. These methods allow your bank or building society to make regular rent payments on your behalf.

Paying by Direct Debit

Direct Debit is an easy way to pay monthly. Payment will be taken directly from your bank or building society account and this ensures payments are made on time. Paying by Direct Debit helps you budget and organise your finances. You will not need to contact your bank or building society when your rent is changed. We will notify you of any changes to your Direct Debit. If you would like to pay by Direct Debit, contact your local Accounts Office 03448 920 900 where arrangements to pay in this way can be taken over the phone.

Paying by Standing Order

Paying by Standing Order payments are made directly from your bank or building society account.  We will inform you what you should pay for rent and rates and an additional sum if there are arrears. We will also tell you if there is a change in the amount to be paid. It is your responsibility to tell your bank what to pay us. You must also authorise any changes in the amount to be paid to us by your bank or building society.
If you choose to pay by Standing Order, every time your rent charge changes a new Standing Order Mandate has to be completed by you and sent to your bank/building society for changing. It is important that your Standing Order payments are updated when your rent changes. Standing Order forms are available from your local Accounts Office.

How do I pay by post?

If you are unable to call at a Paypoint outlet then you may pay your rent by post. Send your payment to your Accounts Office, along with details of your name, address and the account reference number that you wish to be credited.
Cheques should be made payable to Northern Ireland Housing Executive and crossed “A/C Payee Only”.  A receipt will be posted to you. You should retain your receipt to check it off against your rent statement
Please do not send cash through the post.

Can I pay at a Housing Executive office?

You can pay your rent in person at your local Accounts Office by cheque or cash using your payment card.

How do I use a rent card to pay rent?

You can use a rent card at any Paypoint outlet, to make online payments, to pay by phone or at a Housing Executive accounts office by cash or cheque.

Where can I get further information?

If you require any further information about paying your rent then please contact your local Accounts Office where staff will be pleased to help you.
Help and advice on financial issues in general can be obtained through the Citizens Advice Bureau or on their website.