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Updated: 22 Oct 2014
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Reference Contract Closing Date Description
Shop to let 339a Ballycolman Estate Strabane 3.00 p.m. on 27th October 2014.
The Housing Executive invites Tenders for the above mentioned lock-up shop, which is to be let on a lease for a term to be agreed, but which will not be for less than 1 year or for a term exceeding 20 years.
Provision of Money Market Deposit Services Framework 12 noon on 28 October 2014
Sources of income for the Housing Executive are primarily rents from tenants of its almost 90,000 homes and deficit grant. At times during the year, income from rent exceeds expenditure, thereby creating temporary surplus funds.
In-line with good stewardship practices, the Housing Executive places such excess funds on the Money Market for periods usually not exceeding 30 days.
The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (the Housing Executive) wants to put in place a Framework agreement for a maximum of six service providers for the provision of money market deposit facilities.
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Provision of a Research Project – Continuous Tenant Omnibus Survey 12 noon on 28 October 2014
The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (the Housing Executive) wishes to appoint a research contractor to conduct the fieldwork for its Continuous Tenant Omnibus Survey (CTOS) during the period 01 January 2015 to 31 December 2015, with option to extend the contract for a further 2 x 12 month periods, subject to satisfactory completion of the work (possible contract period of 3 years).  It should be noted, however, that the Housing Executive retains the right not to extend the contract in any one year.
The CTOS was first commissioned in February 1994, to collect information on the Housing Executive's tenants and their households. The information gathered is used to inform strategic and operational decisions in the field of social housing. The CTOS is a major element of the Housing Executive's research programme.
The CTOS focuses on the perceptions of Housing Executive tenants, examining issues such as customer satisfaction, attitudes to living in the public sector, and the social, economic and demographic profile of tenants.
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PQQ 2198 Tender for H&S Works in relation to Legionella Control at Monkscoole House Flats, Rathcoole Estate, Newtownabbey Area12 noon 30th October 2014
Project No. 21.69.1000
Applications are invited from contractors meeting the criteria stated in the documents to be considered for inclusion on a list to be invited to tender for the following works as detailed in the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire documentation.
The estimated value of the proposed works is £42,375
The duration will be 4 weeks and the proposed date of commencement is November 2014.
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T1253 Supply, delivery and installation of Franking Machines 12 noon on 31 October 2014
The Northern Ireland Housing Executive has a range of Franking Machines which are ageing and staff are finding that crediting the existing machines is becoming difficult.
Our current provider will be withdrawing service soon as their technology is no longer compatible with their telecoms infrastructure which means that our current Neopost 5460 machines will be soon obsolete and topping up will no longer be available.
The Northern Ireland Housing Executive requires 39 Franking Machines on a 24 month lease option to be delivered, installed and operational by the 30 November 2014.
Connectivity must be by both analogue modem & LAN Local Area Network as LAN connection will be installed at a later date.
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T1244 Payment Collection Services 12 Noon on 06 November 2014.
The Housing Executive is committed to offering varied and convenient ways for our customers to pay all charges for the services we provide, enabling us to update customer accounts on a daily basis. In addition to payments received directly by the Housing Executive, we currently procure collection services from a number of 3rd party providers. The majority of this service is the provision of a facility for our various customers to pay for services in cash at convenient local outlets using a payment card.
Some of the service providers also provide facilities for
  • Automated telephone payments
  • Browser based facilities allowing Housing Executive staff to collect debit/credit card payments
  • Web payments
  • Managed direct debit services
The Housing Executive is seeking bids for the following requirements:
  • Lot One – Payment Collection Network
  • Lot Two – Mobile Payment APP and Text Payment Service
  • Lot Three – Web Payment Service
  • Lot Four – Automated Telephone Payment Service, Managed Debit/Credit Card Payment Facility and Managed Direct Debit Service
  • Lot Five – Payment Card Production
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CTU010 ITT 25882 Tender for Short Term Major Adaptations – 4 dwellings located in the Lisburn(x2), Poleglass, Dunmurry  areas. 12 noon 7th November  2014
The Housing Executive wishes to procure suitably qualified and competent contractors to carry out Major Adaptation construction works to 4 dwellings for people with disabilities.
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Affordable Warmth Scheme in Northern Ireland
The Department for Social Development has asked the Housing Executive to deliver a new Affordable Warmth Scheme to eligible households in Northern Ireland. The Housing Executive now proposes to compile lists of contractors across Northern Ireland willing to undertake the different types of works that will be available under the new Scheme. These lists will be provided to applicants under the Scheme who might need assistance to obtain a contractor to carry out works.
We propose to compile separate lists of contractors to carry out the following installation works:
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Loft Insulation
  • Internal Solid Wall Insulation
  • External Solid Wall Insulation
  • High Efficiency Economy 7 Electrical Heating
  • Oil Central Heating
  • Natural Gas Central Heating
For the avoidance of doubt, these will NOT be lists of installers approved by the Housing Executive but are being provided by way of information for potential applicants