Derrytresk puts residents’ health first

Residents receive their first aid certificates
Derrytresk residents were presented with their First Aid Certificates

Derrytresk Community Group used funding from our Community Grant Scheme to run a First Aid Course over two days in the local community centre.

Our funding was used to bring in a First Aid instructor to train 12 residents in the rural area.

Parents, sports coaches and local Youth Club staff all found the training to be invaluable and are now more confident in responding to an emergency situation.

Maura Brooks, Chair of Derrytresk Community Group, was delighted to receive the funding:

“A lot of people in Derrytresk coach or take part in sporting activities so having a good knowledge of First Aid provides reassurance that if there is an emergency someone will be there to help.

“We are delighted that the Housing Executive has given us funding to do something that will make a real difference in our community.”

Michael Dallat, our Mid Ulster Area Manager, explains how our Community Grant scheme helps local people:

“Funding from our Community Grant Scheme can be used to support a range of initiatives that promote health and wellbeing, bring people together and improve shared spaces in estates across the Mid Ulster Area.

“This is a fantastic example of a rural community using our funding to give people vital skills that could help them save someone’s life one day.”

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