Not sure? Don’t open the door.

A woman answers the door to an unknown man.
Only let someone in when you’re sure that they’re genuine

You should never feel embarrassed about refusing to let someone into your home. Only let someone in when you’re absolutely sure that they’re genuine and you want them in your home.

Before you go to open your front door, make sure the back door is shut and locked. Not sure? Don’t open the door.

To keep your home safe and compliant, our staff and contractors may occasionally need access to your home.

If you are in any doubt about the identity of a staff member or contractor, always ask for valid identification.

A genuine caller won’t have a problem with you taking these precautions and won’t mind following your request.

If valid identification is not shown, do not grant access.

To check if contractors or Housing Executive staff are due to visit your property, for any reason, call us on 03448 920 901.

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