• How to report anti-social behaviour

    We will investigate a complaint of anti-social behaviour that involves or affects one of our properties or our tenants.

  • What is anti-social behaviour?

    Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of unacceptable activity that may cause harm to an individual, to their community or to their environment.

  • How we deal with your complaint

    Most of the reports of anti-social behaviour we receive are minor and do not require legal intervention. We will examine all reports fairly.

  • Legal action we can take

    may take legal action against the offending person if early intervention fails or the Anti-Social Behaviour is serious in nature.

  • Early intervention and preventing anti-social behaviour

    Not all reports of anti-social behaviour require legal remedies. We have a range of non-legal responses to address low level incidents of anti-social behaviour.

  • Anti-Social Behaviour

    How to handle anti-social behaviour in your area.

  • Supporting witnesses

    How we support witnesses of anti-social behaviour through the legal processes.

  • Be aware of bogus callers

    In recent days, bogus callers, claiming to be contractors working on behalf of the Housing Executive, have been in operation in the East Belfast area attempting to gain access to properties.

  • Mediation

    It is often better to sort out problems between people by talking, rather than confrontation or even legal action. This is known as mediation.

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