• Apply for a home

    How to apply for social rented housing through the Housing Executive or housing associations in Northern Ireland. How we assess applications, and how to request a transfer or exchange.

  • How to apply for a home

    Gives details of how to apply for social rented housing in Northern Ireland through the Housing Executive and housing associations.

  • The points system

    Details of the points system used to determine priority for social housing with the Housing Executive and housing associations in Northern Ireland.

  • Choice Based Lettings

    Our Choice Based Lettings scheme lists a number of our currently available homes on the PropertyNews.com website.

  • Areas of choice

    Areas of choice are the areas where you would like to live when applying for a Housing Executive home. Choosing two or more areas is recommended.

  • How we assess your application

    Details of the Housing Executive's assessment procedures for people applying for social housing in Northern Ireland.

  • Transfers and exchanges

    Housing Executive or housing association tenants can request to transfer or exchange their property for alternative social housing.

  • The Housing Selection Scheme

    The Housing Selection Scheme is the set of rules that decide eligibility for social housing in Northern Ireland and allocates the points that determine position on the waiting list.

  • Buying your Housing Executive home

    Information about buying your Housing Executive home.

  • Allocations

    We usually allocate properties to those applicants with most points on the social housing waiting list who are waiting for the type of property available. Find out how this process works.

  • Applying from outside Northern Ireland

    How to apply for social rented housing with the Housing Executive and housing associations when you live outside Northern Ireland.

  • Advice for young people

    Advice on avoiding homelessness and debt, and the process of looking for and moving into your first home.

  • Complex needs

    If you have special circumstances we can consider specialist housing schemes that offer extra care and support, or arrange a tailored support and care package to allow you to stay in general housing.

  • Eligibility

    If you’ve been a tenant of the Housing Executive, or one of the other eligible social landlords, for five years you can apply to buy your home.

  • How we assess the property price

    We will work out the price we pay for your property based on a number of different factors. Find out how we decide how much we will pay.

  • Selling and renting back

    Owner-occupiers have been approached by companies offering to buy their homes, and then rent them back to them as tenants. It's important you carefully consider all the available information.

  • Advice for people from abroad

    Information on eligibility for social housing and assistance in Northern Ireland.

  • Buying with the Equity Sharing Scheme

    Read this step-by-step guide to buying your Housing Executive home with the Equity Sharing Scheme.

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