• Affordable Warmth Scheme

    Provides funding to improve energy efficiency of homes in the private sector - can help with cost of insulation, central heating and new windows.

  • Affordable Warmth / Boiler Replacement Schemes

    This section provides details of two energy efficiency schemes for the private sector - the Affordable Warmth Scheme and the Boiler Replacement Allowance.

  • Renewable Energy

  • Oil Buying Clubs

    Oil buying clubs are based on a simple, but effective premise…the more people from who buy oil together the more the cost can be reduced.

  • Time to switch your energy supplier?

    By switching electricity suppliers you could save money.

  • How to save energy & money

    Easy tips and tricks to reduce your energy usage, and in save money off your bills.

  • Energy

    The overall aim of our energy strategy is to reduce domestic energy consumption in Northern Ireland, without compromising on comfort levels.

  • Why be environmentally aware?

    As the Home Energy Conservation Authority (HECA), we work with other key organisations to help people to make their homes environmentally friendly.

  • Our environmental policy

    Our environmental policy is to ensure that all of our activities and decisions make a positive contribution to the Sustainable Development Strategy for Northern Ireland.

  • Energy Saving Week – Your chance to Save Money and Save Energy

    We are urging everyone to become top of the class and use our Top 5 Energy Saving tips.

  • €2m to research energy efficiency

    We’ve been awarded €2m to fund research that will tackle fuel poverty, identify renewable energy solutions and improve energy efficiency in rural homes across Northern Europe.

  • Getting the best deal

    Did you know there are now 5 electricity suppliers in Northern Ireland? The Consumer Council's energy price comparison tool will enable you to compare electricity and gas tariffs for every supplier in Northern Ireland.

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