• Grants

    This section gives information on the various grants that are available and how to apply for them.

  • Affordable Warmth Scheme

    Boiler Replacement Allowance The Affordable Warmth Scheme tackles fuel poverty in the private sector. The Housing Executive and local Councils deliver the Scheme throughout Northern Ireland.

  • Grants

    Our Private Sector Grants Strategy targets money to deal with unfit housing and disrepair, and uses the resources of the Grants Scheme to best effect.

  • How long will the whole process take?

    How quickly we can process your grant will depend on the level of demand and the money available.

  • Affordable Warmth Scheme

    The Affordable Warmth Scheme tackles fuel poverty in the private sector. It provides funding to improve the energy efficiency of homes and can help with installing insulation, central heating and new windows. The Boiler Replacement Allowance helps toward the cost of replacing old boilers with energy-efficient new ones. It is for owner-occupiers with total income of less than £40k. Further information on these schemes is available in the pages below.

  • Boiler Replacement Allowance

    The Boiler Replacement Allowance scheme is for owner-occupiers whose total income is less than £40,000. It is intended to help with the cost of replacing boilers which are 15 years or older with new boilers.

  • Group Repair Scheme

    Group Repair Schemes have been restricted and prioritised and no new schemes are being identified at present.

  • Our standards of service

    We have standards of service that we aim to meet in processing Renovation, Replacement and Disabled Facilities Grants. We always try to be courteous and competent.

  • Using registered contractors

    Using a registered builder protects you if there is a dispute.

  • Derrytresk puts residents’ health first

    Derrytresk Community Group used funding from our Community Grant Scheme to run a First Aid Course over two days in the local community centre.

  • Energy and the environment

    How to improve your energy efficiency and get the best deal from your energy suppliers

  • Rosemount Neighbours keeping in touch

    The local saying ‘up a tree in Rosemount’ locally means avoiding trouble or running away.  Not so anymore, as Rosemount Resource Centre and the Housing Executive are helping residents from the Rosemount area talk about their past and process events in a positive, supportive environment.

  • Doing business with the Housing Executive

    If you're interested in working with the Housing Executive, this section gives you all the information you need.

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