• Current LHA rent levels

    Lists the current Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rent levels for each of the eight Broad Rental Market Areas (BRMAs) in Northern Ireland.

  • Making a claim for Housing Benefit

    You can apply for Housing Benefit online from this page, or by completing a form. Full details of the process, and the evidence you should submit to support your claim, are given here.

  • Housing Benefit

    This section gives information and advice about Housing Benefit - find out how to claim it, how we calculate how much you will get, and the factors that may affect your claim.

  • Local Housing Allowance

    Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is the scheme used to set the amount of Housing Benefit that tenants of private landlords can receive. Find out how it is worked out.

  • More help with paying your housing costs

    Other sources of help that may be available if you find Housing Benefit or Universal Credit is not enough to cover your housing costs.

  • Housing Benefit entitlement

    Housing Benefit is means tested - so the amount you receive will depend on your income and savings. Use our online calculator to get an estimate of what you are likely to receive.

  • What to do if your circumstances change

    If your circumstances change you should inform us straight away as it may affect the amount of Housing Benefit you are entitled to. This page details the changes you should tell us about and how to contact us.

  • Private landlords

    Information and advice for private landlords who have tenants claiming Local Housing Allowance (Housing Benefit).

  • How we calculate LHA rent levels

    Details how the current LHA rent levels are calculated, and which ones have increased from the previous 2015 levels.

  • Rent limits

    The amount of Housing Benefit you receive can be limited - if you rent from a private landlord, LHA rules may mean you receive less than your full rent.

  • About Housing Benefit

    This page explains what Housing Benefit is and who is entitled to it.

  • Previous LHA rent levels

    The previous LHA rent levels which were in effect from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019. These rates have been superseded by the current rent levels.

  • Local Housing Allowance

    Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is a rent assessment scheme for those who rent in the private sector. It determines the amount of Housing Benefit that can be paid.

  • Overpayment of Housing Benefit

    If an over-payment of Housing Benefit occurs, you will be expected to repay it. This page gives details of how repayments can be made.

  • Non-dependents

    If a non-dependent person, for example an elderly relative or adult child, lives with you it may affect your claim for Housing Benefit.

  • Social Sector Size Criteria-Bedroom Tax

    Social Sector Size Criteria is often called the 'bedroom tax'. This page gives more information about it and how it may affect you.

  • Social Sector Size Criteria-Bedroom Tax

    Find out about social sector size criteria, also commonly known as the 'bedroom tax', and how it might affect you.

  • Welfare supplementary payment

    There is support for people in Northern Ireland affected by welfare changes to reduce the impact.

  • Former house owners

    If you sell your home and then rent it back, you will usually not be entitled to Housing Benefit for five years from the date of sale. However, there are some circumstances where this may not apply.

  • Information for Non-UK / Irish nationals

    Information on entitlement to Housing Benefit for EU and non-EU nationals.

  • Welfare changes

    Benefits are changing; the changes to the welfare system will impact people of working age who are on a low income and those who are getting welfare benefits, including Housing Benefit.

  • Appeals

    If we make a decision about Housing Benefit that you think is wrong, this page gives information about how to request a review, or how to appeal the decision.

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