• Report a repair

    If you're a Housing Executive tenant, find out how you can report a repair.

  • Urgent repairs

    A urgent repair needs a quick response but is not an emergency. Find out about different types of urgent repairs, and how to report them.

  • Emergency repairs

    To be treated as an emergency a fault must carry the risk of immediate injury to people or major damage to property. Find out what counts as an emergency repair.

  • Routine repairs

    More information about routine repairs, and how to report them.

  • Find your stopcock

    The stopcock is a valve for turning the cold water system in your home on and off. Learn where yours is likely to be located and how to use it.

  • If your water is cut off

    Advice on what to do and what actions to take if your water is cut off.

  • Repairs

  • If your cold water tank is leaking

    Steps you should take if your cold water tank starts to leak. Follow these steps to prevent damage.

  • Repairs and maintenance

    This section has advice on maintaining your home, making repairs, and what to do in an emergency.

  • Self help repairs

    You don’t have to wait for us to carry out your repairs. You can do minor repairs yourself under the tenant self help scheme and we will meet the cost up to a maximum of £200. Find out more about the self-help repair scheme.

  • Group Repair Scheme

    Group Repair Schemes have been restricted and prioritised and no new schemes are being identified at present.

  • Repair times

    Watch our video to find out how long you may have to wait for different types of repairs.

  • The Decent Homes Standard

    A decent home is one which meets modern standards of fitness, structure, energy efficiency and facilities. Learn how we are working hard to bring all homes in Northern Ireland up to standard.

  • Report a repair online

    Did you know that you can request and track a repair on the My Housing Executive customer portal? 

  • If your home is damaged

    Advice for Housing Executive tenants, private tenants and owner-occupiers on what to do if your home is damaged in civil unrest, severe weather, flooding or other major disasters.

  • What to do in a crisis or emergency

    What to do and who to contact in crisis situations such as civil unrest or major flooding. A list of organisations that can help.

  • What to do in severe weather

    Advice for common problems caused by severe weather including: storm damage, fallen trees, flooding,

  • Compensation for home improvements

    If you are a secure tenant, who has carried out improvements to your home, you may be able to claim compensation.

  • Looking after your pipes in cold weather

    Tips to help prevent your pipes freezing in winter. What to do if a pipe bursts, and how to safely unfreeze a frozen pipe.

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