• Renewable Energy

  • The Decent Homes Standard

    A decent home is one which meets modern standards of fitness, structure, energy efficiency and facilities. Learn how we are working hard to bring all homes in Northern Ireland up to standard.

  • Housing and Health

    It is estimated that over 70% of health impacts occur as consequences of factors outside the formal health service.

  • Our Strategies

    In this section you can read about our strategies for a wide range of issues.

  • Customer Excellence

    Our Customer Excellence Strategy (CES) sets out the direction for how we aim to improve the way we deliver services to all of our customers during the period 2017/18 – 2019/20.

  • Social Enterprise Plus Programme

    We are always keen to involve residents and their local community associations in discussing and developing their local services and adressing housing issues generally. To achieve this we established the Housing Community Network (HCN) in 1982.

  • Rural Strategy

    The Northern Ireland countryside provides environmental, social and economic benefits to all dwellers, both urban and rural. It is our greatest asset and should be enjoyed, promoted, protected and enhanced.

  • Energy

    The overall aim of our energy strategy is to reduce domestic energy consumption in Northern Ireland, without compromising on comfort levels.

  • Commercial Property

  • Grants

    Our Private Sector Grants Strategy targets money to deal with unfit housing and disrepair, and uses the resources of the Grants Scheme to best effect.

  • Renting Privately

    Our strategy is to promote and sustain a healthy private rented sector in Northern Ireland, which offers choice and flexibility by influencing the supply of private rented accommodation and also encourages a better quality, better managed sector.

  • Homelessness

    The Housing Executive accepted responsibility for dealing with homelessness in Northern Ireland in 1989 and since then we have published a number of strategies to address homelessness.

  • Equality

    The Housing Executive must promote equality of opportunity and good relations in carrying out its functions. Read about our approach to equality in this section.

  • Our Housing and Health Strategy

    We all need not just a roof over our head but a home which is warm and dry, safe and free from infestation.

  • Older People

    In Northern Ireland the proportion of older people aged 65 or over is projected to rise from 15.9% to 24.8% over the period to 2041.

  • Community Involvement Strategy

    Since the mid 1980s we have expanded our activities to encourage a more active and participative involvement of residents and community groups in the delivery of housing services.

  • Race Relations

    The Racial Equality Strategy for Northern Ireland 2015-2025, launched in December 2015, establishes a framework for Government departments and others.

  • Our Community Safety Strategy

    Over the past seven years we have played a major role in responding to the emerging community safety agenda in Northern Ireland.

  • strategic-alignment

  • Dream homes in Derrytrasna, Aghacommon and Derrymacash

    As part of a housing need test in the rural areas, local primary school children took part in our ‘My Dream Home’ art competition.

  • Community Conference encourages groups to #MakeAnImpact

    Over 200 community groups from across Northern Ireland gathered for the annual Housing Community Network Community Conference.

  • International Day of Rural Women

    Nearly 100 people from across Northern Ireland gathered in Omagh on Monday to recognise how rural women have made a difference in their community.

  • Belfast's first ever Eid Festival

    Housing Executive backs Belfast’s first ever Eid Festival

  • Our Community Safety Strategy

    Over the past seven years we have played a major role in responding to the emerging community safety agenda in Northern Ireland.

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