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You will find details of job vacancies on this site and in the local daily and weekly newspapers. You can download an application form from the website, or you can request one from Recruitment Services using our email address or telephone  03448 920900.

You can also write requesting an application form to:

Recruitment Services,
Housing Centre,
2 Adelaide Street,

Applications should be returned to the address which appears on the form. At present you can’t complete the application form online. If you have downloaded a form, do not try to convert it to a Word document as this will alter the format. Applications which do not replicate the layout and order of our form will not be accepted under any circumstances. If you have any queries, contact Recruitment Services for advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return an application form by fax?

We will not accept applications sent by fax.

Can I submit a CV?

We will not accept a CV as a substitute for a completed application form. You must use our application form. You can attach additional pages if you do not have enough space on the form. Please make sure you include your name and job reference on each additional page.

Will you accept my application after the closing date?

All applications must arrive at the address given on the application form by the time and closing date specified.

Will you notify me when you receive my application?

No. If we receive your application on time then it will be considered at the next stage of the selection process and we will write to tell you whether or not you are being invited to interview. If we receive your application after the closing date and time it will not be submitted to the next stage of the selection process. We will write to tell you of this.

How can I ensure that I get an interview for a job I am qualified for?

Before completing an application form, read the advert carefully to satisfy yourself that this is a job that you want and that you that you have the necessary qualifications and experience. The application form is an important document and you should complete it carefully. The interview panel will use the information in your application to decide if you will get invited to an interview.

The interview panel cannot guess or make assumptions about your qualifications, skills and experience. If you do not provide all the information asked for in your application the panel cannot be sure that you have the qualifications and/or experience needed, and so may not invite you for interview.

The advert says I must have a specific qualification or type of experience, what does this mean?

This means that the qualification and/or experience is essential for this job and you must show that you have these on your application. Make sure  that you provide all the information asked for when completing your application, including the type, subject(s), level and date of award of your qualifications.

It is not enough to state the title of posts held and approximate dates. You must include information on the nature of your duties and the exact dates employed. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary, but be sure to include your name and job reference on each additional page.

The application form includes a competency form, how do I complete this?

If a competency form is included with the application form make sure you carefully follow any instructions on how to complete it. You will normally be asked to be specific about your experience and provide personal, specific examples. You should focus on what you as an individual have done.

You must provide the information asked for as the panel will use this to determine whether to ask you to attend for interview.  

How does the recruitment process work?

All completed applications which have been received by the closing date will be forwarded to the shortlisting panel. The purpose of this meeting is to consider applications against the requirements for the job advertised.

After shortlisting has taken place all candidates will be informed if their application will progress to the next stage of the recruitment process or not. The next stage in the process is normally the interview, although some jobs may require you to undertake a test prior to this.

The interview, which will last between 20 and 45 minutes depending on the level of the position, will test you on the experience and/or competencies required for the post.

Can I change the date of interview?

Interview panels set aside a time period to complete all interviews. Candidates are not normally allowed to change interview dates and times unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Any change made to interview dates will normally be confined to the agreed time period for the completion of the panel’s interviews. If the date or time does not suit you, contact Recruitment Services as soon as possible for advice.

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