Tenancy Sustainment Survey

November/December 2021

What’s happening?

As part of our role as a landlord, we have a commitment to provide care and support to minimise tenancy breakdown and prevent homelessness. 

To help with this work, we have commissioned a telephone survey of former Housing Executive tenants who ended their tenancies for any reason within the first few years after allocation. 

The aim of gathering information on the reasons for tenancies ending is to help ensure that we can provide appropriate advice and support for those new and existing tenants who may be at risk of tenancy breakdown.

The research is being carried out on our behalf by Perceptive Insight, an experienced research company in Northern Ireland.

Which customers are being contacted?

Perceptive Insight will contact customers who ended their tenancy within the first 6 years after the tenancy started.  They will make contact by email or telephone, inviting former tenants to take part in the research. 

However, if you have not been contacted and fall into the above category, we would still love to hear from you.

Vital research

The research will assist the Housing Executive in understanding the reasons why tenancies end, particularly those which end prematurely due to of lack of advice, support or services.

In order for the research to be worthwhile, we need to hear from as many former tenants as possible, especially those who gave up their tenancies within the first 6 years.

Why has the Housing Executive asked Perceptive Insight to contact former tenants? Is my information safe?

The Housing Executive has a statutory responsibility to ‘regularly examine housing conditions and need’ and may ‘conduct or promote research into any matter relating to any of its functions’.  As this is a large survey, we do not have the resources to carry out the work ourselves. 

Therefore, we have appointed Perceptive Insight to conduct the surveys on our behalf, and have provided them with former tenants’ contact details. 

Perceptive Insight is acting as a data processer for the Housing Executive and is bound by a contract that covers its responsibilities under GDPR. 

  • Email addresses/mobile numbers were provided for the sole purpose of conducting this research and Perceptive Insight will not use them for any other purpose.
  • Participation in the research is voluntary and all information provided will be confidential, anonymised for analysis, reported in aggregate and used only for this research.
  • It will not be possible to identify any individual respondents from the findings, which will be published on our website in due course.

Getting involved

The survey will run during November and December 2021.  Thank you if you have been contacted by Perceptive Insight and have taken part in the survey – your views are very important to us.

If you haven’t heard from Perceptive Insight but would like to take part, or if you have any questions about the research, you can contact our Research Unit on:

Or contact Perceptive Insight by telephone on:

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