Telephone Interviews: Housing Executive Research

What’s happening

As part of our role as a landlord, we have a commitment to provide care and support to our tenants and improve how we communicate with them. To help with this work, we have commissioned research, which includes a number of telephone interviews with current and former Housing Executive tenants who started, or changed, their tenancies between April 2015 and March 2021. 

The aim of the research is to help ensure that we can provide appropriate advice and support services by getting a better understanding of your experience as a Housing Executive tenant. The research is being carried out on our behalf by Savanta ComRes, an experienced research company based in England.

Who will be contacted?

Savanta ComRes will contact a sample of current and former tenants whose tenancies either started or were amended between April 2015 and March 2021.  They will make contact by telephone, inviting current and former tenants to take part in the research.  The interviews will last for up to 45 minutes, and will cover a range of issues including the journey into your tenancy, your experience of contacting the Housing Executive, how responsive we’ve been, and how we can improve the services we provide. 

Vital research

The research will assist us in understanding people’s experience of being a Housing Executive tenant and identifying how we could improve our services and communications in the future. In order for the research to be worthwhile, we would really appreciate your views, even if you are no longer a tenant.

Why has the Housing Executive asked Savanta ComRes to contact current and former tenants? Is my information safe?

The Housing Executive has a statutory responsibility to ‘regularly examine housing conditions and need’ and may ‘conduct or promote research into any matter relating to any of its functions’.  In order to ensure independence, we have appointed Savanta ComRes to conduct the research on our behalf, and have provided them with (former) tenants’ contact details. 

Savanta ComRes is acting as a data processer for the Housing Executive and is bound by a contract that covers its responsibilities under GDPR. 

Email addresses/telephone numbers were provided for the sole purpose of conducting this research and Savanta ComRes will not use them for any other purpose.

Participation in the research is voluntary and all information provided will be confidential, anonymised for analysis, reported in aggregate and used only for this research. It will not be possible to identify any individual respondents from the findings, which may be published on our website in due course.


Getting involved

The research will be carried out during March 2022 and your views are very important to us. If you have been contacted by Savanta ComRes and have taken part, we are very grateful.  If you have any questions about the research, you can contact our Research Unit on

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