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Healthy Kidz Project launched in the Waterside

Published: Wed, 21 Nov 2018
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Oakgrove Integrated Primary School Healthy Kidz Project launch
We are investing in the future of children in the Waterside area of Derry~Londonderry by supporting the Healthy Kidz Project.
Designed specifically for children aged 7-11, we are working in partnership with Caw/Nelson Drive Action Group to deliver the Healthy Kidz Project, which has been launched in two local primary schools – Oakgrove Integrated Primary School and Ebrington Controlled Primary School.
A unique and innovative health and activity programme for primary school kids here, the project improves children’s health and wellbeing through a structured course of physical literacy.
Using a mix of technology enabled learning tools and some coach assisted physical training, the kids become aware of why and how they should keep healthy.  The whole family can participate in fun activities and receive awards for positive behaviours.
Speaking at the launch of the project with kids at their training session in Oakgrove Integrated Primary school, Linda Watson of the Caw/Nelson Drive Action Group said:
“We are delighted that this project is being piloted in the Waterside area of the City.  It’s a great opportunity for all children to learn about the benefits of exercise and combine their digital skills to see how they can benefit.”
Our Community Cohesion Manager, Deirdre Crawford, was also at the launch of the project with kids from primary 4 and 5 in Ebrington Controlled Primary School.  She said:
“The Housing Executive continues to be involved in the communities around our housing, to support our tenants and their families.
“The Healthy Kidz project runs until the end of the school year and will teach kids and their parents the benefits of exercise to their physical and mental health.”
Kids from Ebrington Primary School with their Healthy Kidz Coach in action
Ashley Donaghey, Principal of Oakgrove Integrated Primary School is already seeing benefits in the children.  She said:
“We have seen an immediate impact in physical ability, agility and attitude to healthy lifestyles as a direct result of the Healthy Kidz programme.
“Our P4 and P5 pupils come to school excited and eager to start their PE lessons.  The whole school has benefitted from the ‘Golden Mile’ daily exercise activity and are using the app to promote healthy life choices.  
“Thanks to the Housing Executive and Caw/Nelson Drive Action Group we have been able to offer this fantastic Healthy Kidz programme at Oakgrove, with recent budget constraints and sport funding cuts, it wouldn’t have been possible without their support.”
Brian Guthrie, Principal of Ebrington Primary School, is also seeing the positive impact that Health Kidz is having on the kids.  He said:
“Every child has enjoyed the experiences provided through Healthy Kidz in Ebrington Primary.  
"It’s not about the competition of the fastest, fittest, healthiest child - it’s about having fun in an active environment and learning key life skills like teamwork and decision making.
"The lessons cater well for all abilities of pupils and are delivered in an exciting, modern and safe way.  The children have access to an online app, which they log in to, and are rewarded for having a healthy lifestyle.
“It has been an extremely child friendly programme to have the opportunity to be involved in, and our kids love it."