Our co-operation policy for Travellers

We manage a co-operation policy that lets Travellers camp on a temporary basis. But, it is important that this is not seen as a substitute for permanent or transit sites. It is meant as a way of dealing with short term needs, rather than an alternative to permanent sites.

What does the co-operation policy allow?

This policy allows Irish Travellers to stay on public land subject to the following conditions:

  • occupation does not cause a public health hazard or pollution to water supplies. District councils should work with the landowner, support groups and Traveller families to ensure services (for example rubbish collection) are in place to eliminate any public health hazard
  • occupation does not cause a traffic hazard
  • occupation does not create a right to long-term use of the site. The situation should be reviewed at regular intervals of no more than 3 months
  • there is no current or immediate use for the land
  • the Travellers behave in a reasonable and orderly manner

We do recognise that there will always be cases that are out of the ordinary, with special circumstances which would require a different approach.

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