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What does the Supporting People Programme do?

Updated: 22 Mar 2019
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The Supporting People Programme helps promote independent living
Housing support
Supporting People funds housing related support services that a landlord (such as a housing association for example) or other provider such as a voluntary organisation can provide. Support means advice and help to make it easier for vulnerable people to maintain their independence in their home. People can receive support in a hostel or in sheltered housing or other type of supported living. Support can also be provided to people in their own homes through floating support services. This can include:
  • someone to support people to manage their money and pay their bills
  • a warden or scheme manager who is there in case people need help
  • someone who helps people to live independently
  • someone who helps people learn how to follow the rules in their tenancy agreement
  • someone who provides advice or assistance on a range of housing related matters.
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