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2010 Continuous Tenants' Omnibus Survey results published

Published: Tue, 1 Nov 2011
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We asked 3,400 tenants for their opinions
Customer and estate warden
We have just published the 2010 report on the Continuous Tenants' Onmibus Survey (CTOS).
This annual survey, now in its seventeenth year, is a key element of our research programme. It measures how well we comply with a range of legislation and government policies including those relating to equality, modernising services, targeting social need and tackling anti-social behaviour.

Key findings for 2010:

Household characteristics

  • The average number of people per household was 2.05 (compared with 2.12 in 2009).
  • 55% of people were living in households described as Protestant and 36% in households described as Catholic, while 2% described their household as mixed religion (Protestant/Catholic).
  • 15% of people living in Housing Executive homes used mobility aids indoors or outdoors.
  • Of all households, 38% had no members who had a health problem. Almost half (49%) had at least one member and more than one-tenth (13%) had at least two members or more who had a health problem.
  • Single person households occupied 44% of Housing Executive dwellings.

Home computer/Internet access

  • Almost two-fifths of households had a home computer. Of these households, 90% had access to the Internet from their home computer.
  • Regardless of whether or not households had access to the Internet, 18% of respondents said they would, if they could, access Housing Executive services via the website.

Mobile phones

  • 77% of respondents had a mobile phone and 60% of those used SMS text to send and receive messages. Of all mobile phone owners, only 17% said they would, if they could, contact a Housing Executive service via text. The main service that respondents with a mobile phone said they would contact by text was in relation to repairs (90%).
  • Of all mobile phone owners, 30% stated they would allow the Housing Executive to contact them by text about repairs.

Bank/building society account

  • Almost two-thirds (64%) of all respondents had a bank/building society current account.
  • Almost three-quarters (71%) stated that they received full Housing Benefit and therefore did not pay rent, and 11% paid their rent at a post office.

Contact with the Housing Executive

  • More than two-thirds of respondents had tried to contact the Housing Executive by telephone in the 12 months before interview. Of those callers who rang, 91% were satisfied with telephoning the Housing Executive.
  • One-quarter of respondents had visited a Housing Executive office in the 12 months before interview. 91% of respondents visiting an office had waited less than 15 minutes to speak to the right person (56% in less than 5 minutes). Overall satisfaction with visiting an office was 92%.

Home repairs

  • 68% had reported a repair to a Housing Executive office in the 12 months before interview. Of these respondents, 88 per cent  were satisfied with the way staff had dealt with their request.
  • More than four-fifths (81%) of respondents who had reported a repair said they had been advised when the work would be completed; 83 per cent of these respondents said the work had been completed within the time they had been advised.
  • Of respondents who had reported a repair, 84% said the repair had been completed by the time of interview. Among these respondents, satisfaction levels were high regarding:
    • friendliness of staff carrying out the repair (97%);
    • politeness of staff carrying out the repair (96%);
    • tidiness of staff carrying out the repair (94%);
    • speed at which the repair was carried out (90%);
    • quality of work (88%); and
    • quality of materials (87%).
  • However, overall satisfaction with the repairs service was 75%, only 18% of respondents were dissatisfied with the repair service and seven per cent were neutral. It would appear that overall satisfaction at 75 per cent would contradict the high levels of satisfaction with specific aspects of the service highlighted above. The difference may be explained by the fact that tenants may be satisfied with some aspects of the service (e.g. politeness, friendliness) but not with all aspects and therefore not with the service as a whole.
  • The main reasons for dissatisfaction with the repair service remain similar to previous years, with respondents stating 'poor workmanship’ and ‘length of time it took to complete the repair’.

Anti-social behaviour

A small proportion (7%) of all respondents had reported an incident of anti-social behaviour to the Housing Executive within the 12 months before interview.

Formal complaints procedure

More than half (52%) of respondents were aware of the Housing Executive’s formal complaints procedure. 4% of respondents had made a formal complaint.

Housing Benefit

  • 79% of respondents said they, or other household member(s), were currently receiving Housing Benefit.
  • Similar proportions of respondents said the information provided by the Housing Benefit notification was clear (95%) and understandable (94%).
  • More than half (56%) of Housing Benefit recipients were aware they had the right to have their entitlement reviewed by an independent tribunal.

Standards of service

Awareness of standards of service relating to rent payments:
  • 95% were aware that we provide rent statements every three months
  • 94% were aware that we give four weeks written notice of any rent increase
  • 87% were aware that we will advise of any entitlement to Housing Benefit
Tenant participation and consultation
Half of all respondents were very satisfied/satisfied with the opportunities for participation in the management of their estate/area. In addition, almost three-quarters (74%; 70% in 2009) of respondents felt they were very or quite well consulted by the Housing Executive.
Telephone contact
The vast majority (95%) of respondents, who had telephoned a Housing Executive office in the 12 months before interview, said the member of staff they had spoken to had dealt with them in a courteous manner.
Housing Executive services overall
Overall, the vast majority (88%) of respondents were satisfied with the service provided by the Housing Executive.