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40,000 homes to get Carbon Monoxide detectors

Published: Tue, 21 Feb 2012
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Make sure your heating appliance is serviced regularly
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40,000 Housing Executive homes are to have carbon monoxide detectors fitted as part of a major investment programme.
We have almost completed our initial programme to  install 3,500 carbon monoxide detectors in homes with solid fuel roomheaters and we are now opening the scheme up to include homes with gas fired heating installations, open fires and homes with oil fired boilers which are situated inside homes.
We want to make sure all our properties are safe. We already have robust servicing programmes for all our heating systems, carried out by competent and qualified contractors. Carbon monoxide detectors will complement our servicing programmes and will provide an early warning of any potential problems.
The programme to install carbon monoxide detectors will be carried out over the next year by our contractors and through our annual boiler servicing contracts at an estimated cost of just over £1m.
Carbon monoxide can be produced by any fuel burning heating appliance if it's not working properly. If your heating appliance gets an annual professional service and is in good condition it is very unlikely that it will produce carbon monoxide. We minimise the risk of carbon monoxide build ups in our properties through regular inspections and services.