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£630,000 investment for Collon Terrace homes

Published: Wed, 22 Feb 2012
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The scheme will include 127 homes in the Collon Terrace district
Collon Terrace District Office, Derry
One hundred and twenty seven Housing Executive homes in the Collon Terrace area of Londonderry are set to benefit from a major upgrade.
Fifty two homes in various estates such as Dundrean, Leafair and Grainan will have their solid fuel or economy 7 heating replaced with clean, efficient gas central heating systems.  A further seventy five homes in Altcar Park will undergo external maintenance - we will be servicing windows, external woodwork and fencing will also be repainted as well as roofs cleaned.
As a responsible landlord we aim to maintain tenants’ homes on a cyclical basis to protect and preserve the external fabric of our properties.  Good housing also makes an important contribution to supporting and sustaining communities.
PK Murphy Construction Ltd will be carrying out the external maintenance scheme and will be liaising with individual residents to achieve the high standards set and expected.