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Beware of boiler replacement scams

Published: Tue, 11 Sep 2012
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Call your Grants office or consumerline if you get one of these calls
We have had reports of a company cold calling people about the Boiler Replacement Scheme and trying to pressure them into taking out insurance.
The callers are telling people that unless they insure their boiler with this company that day, they won't be eligible for the Boiler Replacement Scheme.
You should be wary if you receive unsolicited calls from anyone who claims that you should insure your boiler within a specified time period to be eligible for the Boiler Replacement Scheme. It is not a condition of the scheme that you have insured your old boiler and therefore you should disregard their advice.
If you receive such calls you should report them to your local Housing Executive Grants Office 03448 920 900 or Trading Standards Office. The Trading Standards office can be contacted through their consumer helpline :
Consumerline Tel 0300 123 6262
Grants Office staff may contact you from time to time by telephone to help you with your application, but they will clearly identify themselves as Housing Executive staff. Please feel free to call them back if you are in any doubt. The Housing Executive will notify you in writing if there is any change to the criteria of the scheme, or if there is any other change which may affect your eligibility.