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Empty Craigavon homes successfully regained

Published: Mon, 20 Feb 2012
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Unoccupied homes should be let to people in genuine housing need.
View from Craigavon
Within the past nine months we have regained possession of 12 properties throughout the Craigavon District.
The empty properties were identified with help from the local community, statutory agencies and through regular estate inspections by our own staff.
Assistant Manager Mark Ingham said, “When we identify a property that appears to be vacant, we serve an Abandonment Notice giving the tenant four weeks to contact us to confirm that they are still living there.  If we confirm after further investigation that the property is vacant, we then take possession of it when the four weeks has passed.
“We accept that there can be reasons for a property being empty but it is wrong that some tenants are abusing social housing.  We will take action to ensure that any unoccupied homes are let to people who are in genuine housing need.”
Mark Ingham welcomed the support of the local community and encouraged anyone who suspects that a Housing Executive property is unoccupied to contact the local Portadown Office on tel 03448 920 900.