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Have your say in our plans for the coming year

Published: Thur, 24 Nov 2011
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Help us plan for the years ahead
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We are now reviewing our Corporate and Business Plans and objectives for the year ahead (2012/13).
The Corporate Plan sets out our vision for Northern Ireland and explains the actions we are taking to improve the places where people live.  The plan sets out our highest level ambitions.
Delivery of our programmes and services depends on government subsidy, rental income and the sale of our assets.  The reduced levels of government funding and proceeds from the sale of houses and land have resulted in a reduction of capital expenditure and a requirement to make efficiency savings over the coming years.  Accordingly we have had to reduce our work in a number of important areas such as housing improvements, private sector grants and environmental improvements.  The ambitions stated in the plan need to be considered in conjunction with resources available to deliver them.
Our proposed objectives for the coming year are:
  • Delivering better homes (includes new build, maintenance to our stock, improving standards in the private sector through repair/discretionary grants and HMO enforcement inspections and  increasing thermal efficiency across all housing tenures);
  • Supporting independent living (includes actions for homelessness,  vulnerable people and those with a disability, along with providing accommodation for the Travelling community);
  • Building stronger communities (includes improving housing in urban and rural areas, working with communities on our estates and promoting sustainable development);
  • Delivering quality services (includes increasing the efficiency of our services, improving customer and stakeholder satisfaction and maximising the contribution of staff.
The Department for Social Development commissioned a fundamental review of the Housing Executive which was carried out by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  The PWC report recommends new governance arrangements for the Housing Executive including alternative sources of funding for investment in housing.  The Minister for Social Development is expected to announce his initial views on the Fundamental Review just before Christmas.
In the meantime we are asking you to let us know how best we should shape our work to meet the needs which you feel are most important.  Do our proposed corporate objectives reflect the issues that you (or the people you represent) believe should be the outcomes which we must focus on?  Our summary of the Corporate Plan for 2011/12 is available to download and it will give you useful information on our current main activities and spending areas.
Can we also ask you to give a list of priorities of the housing services which you think are most important and which should have priority in our spending plans (bearing in mind the likely limitations on resources). You can choose from the list below or include other services not listed:
  • New house building
  • Repairs
  • Improvements
  • Adaptations to homes for disabled people
  • Grants for privately owned homes
  • Better housing for the Traveller Community
  • Better housing opportunities for homeless people
  • Community safety
  • Better community relations
  • Building skills in the community
  • Financial guidance and debt counselling
  • Increasing thermal efficiency of homes
You should contact Trevor Greene to comment or discuss by 15th December 2011 (you can phone him on 028 9031 8554 or email Trevor can provide you with copies of the plans or other Housing Executive publications in a variety of formats and languages.
The second phase of consultation will be at the end of January 2012 when we have drafted the new plans.  We will ask again at that point if you wish to comment on the content.  
The plans will then be submitted for approval to our Board and the Minister for Social Development at the end of March. We hope this approach will help you, our customers and stakeholders to contribute to our work through plans which properly reflect the needs of our community.