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Latest Equality Progress Report launched

Published: Thur, 16 Nov 2017
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This is the twelfth annual report
The Housing Executive's twelfth progress report to the Equality Commission is now available.
  • Download the Twelfth Annual Report
These progress reports are published annually and summarise how we implement our equality duties. We are continually trying to improve equality of opportunity and the fostering of better relations in Northern Ireland. We were formed 40 years ago with a clear objective based on equality and an understanding of the core role of social housing in promoting a more peaceful society.
We have maintained this focus over that period and continue to be innovative in our approach to equality and good relations. As we develop our corporate policy we recognise that challenging inequalities is a central part of our business and not a fringe activity.
We achieve this by ensuring equality considerations are incorporated in our policies from the outset. This approach is supplemented by developing policy statements on key equality areas in housing such as Good Relations and anti-sectarianism, Race Relations and Migrant Workers, Sexual Orientation, Children and Young People, and Disability.
We have also developed strong working relationships with our customers and those representative groups who can provide an experiential input into our policy development and service delivery. Our formal liaison and consultative arrangements include a Consultative Forum on Equality, a Housing Community Network and Inter Community Network, a Black and Minority Ethnic Forum, and a newly formed Disability Forum.
This year marked a sea change in our equality scheme with the drafting of the next generation of the scheme. We have prepared the new scheme and supplemented this with an audit of inequalities and proposed action plan which was subject to consultation. The final scheme was submitted to the Equality Commission on 1st August 2012.
We made considerable progress in our Children and Young People’s policy with over 1,300 people trained in this area. We also commenced the development of a Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults policy.
Our programme of activity under Good Relations includes work in relation to both traditional BME groups and migrant workers. Our Traveller Accommodation programme also continues to be rolled out.
In addition to establishing a Disability Forum we have also continued to develop, jointly with DSD, DHSSPS and others, a review of disability services which should be reporting later in 2012.