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Corporate governance in the Housing Executive

Updated: 20 Feb 2019
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Corporate Governance documents are reviewed regularly.
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Good Corporate Governance is key to any well managed organization and has been described as ‘the system by which organisations are directed and controlled’ (Cadbury Report - Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance)
Corporate Governance is not simply about having the right documents or financial controls or solely about the management of risk and performance. It is also about the organisation’s culture and values, Board leadership, staff behaviours, attitudes and accountability and about having clearly defined roles and responsibilities within and outside the organisation.  
Managing all these elements in a large organization can be difficult and the Housing Executive, having gone through a governance review in 2010, has sought to ensure that good governance practice is adopted throughout the organization from Board level through to operational frontline staff.  Regular reviews of key governance documents will be undertaken and training for staff on good governance principles is being rolled out to increase awareness of good governance practice, based on the Nolan principles.
This section of the website aims to support and help the Housing Executive ensure the highest standards of corporate governance throughout the organisation and to promote adherence to accepted good governance principles.  It provides an overview of the structures, documents and controls in place to ensure the Housing Executive’s resources are used appropriately and efficiently and that the organization operates in accordance with best practice. It also sets the relationship between the Housing Executive and its sponsor department, the Department for Communities and, what is expected of the Board, Chief Executive, Directors and staff in terms of good governance behaviours.
Supporting the governance structures are a number of key organisational strategies, policies and guidance notes which will also be subject to regular review to ensure they remain relevant and fit for purpose. These documents have been included in this section.
The documents in this section will be subject to regular review and adjustment as necessary to ensure it remains a relevant guide to corporate governance in the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.