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Board Operating Framework

Updated: 21 Mar 2019
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The Board Operating Framework 2013 sets out the role of the Housing Executive Board; how it conducts business; its administrative processes with regard to meetings, minutes, conflict of interests, committee structure and how the Board’s performance is evaluated and reviewed.
The Board shall:
  1. establish the overall strategic direction of the NIHE within the policy and resources framework determined by the Minister;
  2. oversee the production of a Corporate Plan including determination of key strategic objectives and targets as approved by the Minister;
  3. ensure that the organisation fulfils the aims and objectives set out in the Corporate & Business Plans and promote the economic, efficient and effective use of staff and other resources by the NIHE;
  4. ensure DSD is kept informed of any changes likely to impact on the strategic direction of the NIHE or on the attainability of its targets and determine the steps needed to deal with such changes;
  5. receive and review up to date financial/managerial information concerning the management of the NIHE; be informed in a timely manner about any concerns about the activities of the NIHE; and provide assurance to DSD that appropriate action has been taken on such concerns;
  6. appoint, with DSD approval, a Chief Executive to the NIHE and, in consultation with DSD, set performance objectives and remuneration terms linked to these objectives for the Chief Executive, which give due weight to the proper management and use of public monies.
  7. oversee performance including financial performance, the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and the quality of services;
  8. take due account of risk analyses and performance measures
  9. consider all matters reserved to it under the Board Scheme of Delegations;
  10. ensure the proper delegation of responsibility and accountability for specified matters to individual Board Members (Members) or Committees of the Board;
  11. ensure compliance with the Public Service Values as set out in Appendix 1 of the Terms of Reference.
  12. Download the Board Operating Framework (Adobe PDF 106 KB)