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Our Corporate Procurement Strategy

Updated: 19 Mar 2019
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The Housing Executive procures a wide range of supplies, works and services as the Strategic Housing Authority in Northern Ireland. The value of these requirements is in the region of £300m annually and covers requirements such as response maintenance, planned maintenance, stationery and professional services to name but a few. We maintain a professional procurement function – The Corporate Procurement Unit (CPU) – which ensures that all procurement is compliant with European and National regulations as well as Northern Ireland Public Procurement Policy.
This compliance is assured by our Corporate Procurement Strategy (CPS). This document outlines the organisation’s vision and methodology for delivering robust procurement. The strategy has just been updated and now governs all procurement within the Housing Executive. This strategy provides the overarching template for the delivery of all the Housing Executive’s procurement requirements. Furthermore the Strategy details the governance and hierarchical structure for the delivery of such procurements.
The CPS is now the catalyst for all procurement strategies within the Housing Executive. Future procurements will be derived from the CPS as the master document. This will ensure that all future strategies are taken forward in accordance with the tenets of best practice procurement methodologies.
This strategy has been endorsed and approved by the Board of the Housing Executive.
The procurement arrangements will differ, depending upon the estimated value or amount of the particular procurement, and subject always to the requirements of EU public procurement law. Further information on how procurement is carried out can be found within section B3 of Northern Ireland Housing Executive Standing Orders & Board Scheme of Delegations