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Environmental advice for contractors and suppliers

Updated: 20 Mar 2019
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We encourage our suppliers to develop their own environmental policy
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Our environmental policy includes our intention to encourage our suppliers and contractors to introduce their own environmental policy. This is generally a short document based on a commitment to comply with legislation and to continual improvement. The policy should be endorsed at senior management level and should be reviewed frequently.

Why do you need it?


Businesses depend on support from customers, staff, neighbours and financial institutions. But customers increasingly demand evidence of sound environmental performance, and may question sourcing, methods of production, and waste disposal methods. “Greening” of government departments and district councils means that suppliers and contractors to public agencies need to think seriously about their practices and procedures. An environmental impact assessment may influence decisions of funding organisations.
Remember that sound environmental management should benefit your finances, so while you are saving the environment you should be saving money.


All businesses need to be aware of the ever increasing amount of environmental legislation being introduced to control and minimise the potential for damage to air, water and land. Any director or manager who knowingly creates a pollution or breach of consent condition may face personal criminal proceedings. Infringements can result in heavy fines and the company image will suffer.

Supply chain

Environmental management is about encouraging continued economic growth while making the best use of available scarce resources. Prevention of pollution measures help businesses reduce their risks without imposing excessive costs.
Organisations in the supply chain who have already introduced environmental policy will look for evidence of suppliers’ environmental performance.


By integrating environmental factors into all management decisions the risks of major pollution incidents will be significantly reduced. Bottom line savings can be achieved by reducing waste of resources, cost of waste disposal, energy and water costs.

Need help?

Grant aid may be available through a variety of organisations. is a good place to start looking. ARENA Network can also help by providing a free review of your premises and activities.