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Staff Code of Conduct

Updated: 17 Mar 2019
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The Staff Code outlines the conduct and behaviour required from staff
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The Code of Conduct (the Staff Code) for Housing Executive Officers forms part of the contractual relationship between the Housing Executive and its Officers.  All Officers must familiarise themselves with, ensure that they understand, and act in accordance with the Staff Code.  Its provisions apply equally to all Housing Executive employees and workers, (permanent, temporary, or otherwise, and whether employed directly by the Housing Executive or through an agency).
The purpose of the Staff Code is to protect the Housing Executive and its Officers in carrying out its functions, to provide clear information on the conduct and behaviour that is required as an Officer of the Housing Executive, and to encourage consistent standards throughout the Organisation.
The Staff Code builds on, and is in keeping with the Housing Executive’s Core Values, and the Seven Principles of Public Life as articulated by the Committee on Standards in Public Life.  Housing Executive Officers must abide by and demonstrate commitment to these principles and values in the course of their employment.
Approval of the Staff Code is a power reserved to the Board under the Housing Executive’s governance arrangements.  The Staff Code will be kept under review and any revisions will require Board approval prior to implementation and communication to Officers.
This guidance sets out the policy relating to the acceptance and refusal of gifts and the provision and acceptance of hospitality. Guidance on the procedures for Whistleblowing are included.
It also sets out the roles and responsibilities of staff and the procedures to be followed for the authorisation and recording of such incidents.
It will be the responsibility of each Director to ensure all staff are made aware of this guidance and that the Hospitality page of the Single Register is properly maintained and updated.
The procedure reflects the guidance issued by the Department for Social Development in circular FC 01/07 in relation to Non-Departmental Government Bodies entitled ‘Guidance on the Provision and Acceptance of Gifts, Hospitality and Awards’ which was updated in October 2010.