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The Senior Management Committees' Terms of Reference

Updated: 15 Jan 2019
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The Terms of Reference for these Committees reflect the authority for day to day business operations, delegated by the Board to the Chief Executive and nominated officers under Standing Orders and the Board Scheme of Delegations.
These Terms of Reference will normally be reviewed at least every two years or sooner of the need arises, to ensure they remain relevant and fit for purpose.
The main Senior Management Committees are:

The Chief Executive’s Business Committee

This Committee considers matters delegated to the Chief Executive at the Chief Executive’s Business Committee, under the Board Scheme of Delegations together with routine operational and cross divisional business within the Chief Executive’s delegated limits. Other matters considered include the business calendar, matters carried forward from previous Chief Executive Business Committee meetings and matters arising from the Board meetings.
Membership comprises the Chief Executive and all Directors together with the Head of Information & Secretariat. The Chief Executive’s Business Committee is an open forum where the Chief Executive and Directors are expected and encouraged to challenge decisions and to raise any concerns on any papers submitted or issues discussed.

The Pre-Board Committee

The officers of the Chief Executive's Business Committee also constitute themselves as the Pre-Board Committee. This Committee's Terms of Reference allow it to consider in advance, papers for submission to the Board and to follow up on any matters arising at Board meetings.  Similarly the same officers consider papers for submission to Audit Committee (as the pre-Audit Committee) and for the Risk & Performance Committee (as the pre-Risk & Performance Committee).

The Director of Corporate Service Performance Review Committee

This Committee is chaired by the Director of Corporate Services and draws its membership from the Directorate and Corporate Services Division. The Terms of reference for the Committee requires it to monitor organisational performance against the Business Plan through review of the:
  • Business Monitor
  • Financial Monitor
  • Risk Management
  • Performance Management
The Committee also monitors progress against action points raised by the Board, Audit Committee and Risk & Performance Committee through regular examination of the Matters Brought Forward List/Outstanding Matters List for each.
The Performance Review Committee is an open forum, where Directors and other participants are encouraged and expected to challenge decisions and raise concerns.

The Central Clearing House Committee

The Central Clearing House Committee is chaired by the Director of Housing & Regeneration and membership is drawn from Housing & Regeneration and Design & Property Services Divisions. The Terms of Reference for Central Clearing House requires the Committee to consider:
  • The Scheme Delivery Processes and associated Capital and Revenue scheme papers.
  • Private Sector Improvement Services Group Repair Scheme papers.
  • Office Accommodation, Building and Grounds Maintenance related papers
  • Land and Property transaction papers, including commercial property.
Papers are approved by the Committee for submission for approval to either the Chief Executive’s Business Committee or the Board in accordance with Standing Orders.