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Overview of governance

Updated: 19 Jan 2019
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We manage over 90,000 homes
Housing Executive property, Ballymacross Lisburn
The Northern Ireland Housing Executive is the single strategic housing authority in Northern Ireland managing a stock of approximately 90,000 homes and employing around 3,000 people.
The organisation is a non-departmental public body (NDPB), governed by a ten member Board and operating through the provision of public funds from the Department for Communities. The Minister responsible for the Department for Communities is accountable to Parliament for the policies and performance of the Housing Executive including its use of resources and the policy framework within which it operates.
The Housing Executive’s role is to assess housing need in Northern Ireland and progressively to meet that need directly, or by facilitating or enabling other agencies to do so. The Housing Executive promotes high standards of new house building, repair, maintenance, housing management and general housing advice. Close relationships exist with registered housing associations, which now build most new social housing.
The Housing Executive is also the Home Energy Efficiency Authority for Northern Ireland. Financial pressures and issues such as equality, human rights, targeting social need, best value and tenant participation are particular influences on the Housing Executive’s work, as is the search for innovative ways of providing and managing social housing and the drive for better performance year on year.
Public bodies like the Housing Executive operate through a governance framework which brings together legislative requirements, governance principles and management processes. Good governance leads to good management, good performance, good stewardship of public money, good public engagement and, ultimately, good outcomes from the services provided and for those it serves. The Housing Executive operates within a Corporate Governance Framework which ensures accountability to its users, stakeholders and the wider community to which it relates. It comprises the systems and processes, cultures and values by which decisions are made and the functions undertaken to deliver the highest standards of housing services in accordance with the organisation’s duties and responsibilities.