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About the International Federation for Housing & Planning (IFHP)

Updated: 20 Feb 2019
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The IFHP is a worldwide network of housing and planning professionals. The federation creates opportunities for an international exchange of knowledge and experience.
We are a member of the IFHP's Working Party on Housing and Urban Settlements

Aims of the working party

To create a communication platform and network on behalf of the broad field of Housing within the IFHP structure.
This Working Party is a basis for the international exchange of information, experiences and analyses.
The work is aimed at specific themes and serves to make national, regional or local policies comparable on an international scale.

Target group

Membership is open to all housing and planning professionals who wish to contribute to the aims of the Working Party.


The Working Party will focus on the housing policies in cities and their effects on the quality and composition of human settlements and the implications for the overall urban development strategies of cities.
The Working Party will examine the following topics:
  • sustainable housing on an urban scale
  • social and economic indicators and trends
  • neighbourhood development
  • housing market and housing supply
  • inner cities and living quality
  • variety and differentiation
  • integrated development approaches
  • new urban extensions and settlement qualities
  • urban renewal and reconstruction
The intention is to organise a series of five expert meetings, in five cities of interest, where the topics will be discussed and compared with the local situation. A debate with local professionals and experts will be part of the programme. There will be a report on every meetings and a conclusive summary.


Heikki Hirvonen, Director of Urban Planning, Evata Finland, PL 393 -101 HELSINKI, Finland