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Housing Benefit

Updated: 20 Mar 2019
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Housing Benefit helps those on lower incomes
HB1 Housing Benefit claim form
In 2017/2018 we have paid a total of £631.8m in Housing Benefit to a total of 158,389 customers including:
  • 64,206 Housing Executive tenants
  • 62,241 private sector tenants
  • 30,419 housing association tenants
  • 1,523 hostel claims
We have helped 15,060 private sector claimants through the Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme, awarding a total of £3.6m.
New claims were processed, on average, within 16.8 days, with 47.2% being processed in under 10 days.
Changes to existing claims were made, on average, in 3.8 days.
Preventing fraud remained a top priority. We took sanctions against more than 254 claimants for benefit fraud. We recovered over £15.1m of overpaid Housing Benefit.