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How the Housing Executive is structured

Updated: 12 Dec 2018
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Our management structure ensures fairness
Clanmill Housing Association

The Board

We have a group of people that are responsible for our general policy, management and operation, they are known as the Board. The Board is made up of ten people of which seven members were appointed by the minister responsible for housing and the remaining three were nominated by the Northern Ireland Housing Council.
They meet every month and decides on all the important matters affecting us, including expenditure and new or revised policies.

Northern Ireland Housing Council

The Housing Council was established by the Housing Executive Act (Northern Ireland) 1971. Together with the Department for Communities (DfC) we consult the Housing Council on all matters that affect housing policy in Northern Ireland.
The Housing Council is made up of one representative from each of the 11 local councils in Northern Ireland. We meet monthly with the Housing Council to explain our current operations and strategy.
There are four Housing Council members on our Board, they are appointed for a four year period.


The Chairman is appointed by and accountable to the Department for Communities.
He is responsibility for the following matters:
  • formulating the board’s strategy
  • ensuring that our affairs are conducted properly
  • ensuring that the board takes proper account of guidance provided by the Minister or the DSD
  • promoting the efficient, economic and effective use of staff and other resources
  • encouraging high standards of propriety
  • representing the views of the board to the general public
  • ensuring that the board meets at regular intervals throughout the year

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is the accounting officer and our chief officer. He reports directly to the board and is responsible for setting the organisation's strategic direction and objectives and for ensuring performance is maintained.

Senior Management Team

The team of central directors report to the Chief Executive.  As members of the Chief Executive's management and business committees they decide on operational issues delegated by the board as well as referring matters to it for approval.
They are:
  • Director of Landlord Services
  • Director of Regional Services
  • Director of Corporate Services
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Asset Management