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Our vision for housing in Northern Ireland

Updated: 22 Feb 2019
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We work with communities to create good living environments
Community garden Bangor
Our vision is one in which housing plays its part in creating a peaceful, inclusive, prosperous and fair society.
We are working towards a future in which everyone will have:
  • the right to a real choice of decent, accessible and affordable housing options including integrated housing in a diverse housing market
  • a renewed and strong sense of place and community
  • a sense of peace and well being through living in a safe environment free from anti-social behaviour
  • a home which is set in a clean and pleasant environment
  • a well designed, well maintained and energy efficient home which is suitable for the individual’s needs
  • a home which has access to appropriate infrastructure in terms of transport, education, schools, shopping and recreation
  • a real voice in matters affecting your home and community and access for disadvantaged groups to encourage their participation
  • support to live independently
Our role in working with local communities and other agencies, whether public, private or voluntary sector, to tackle issues that make a real difference to everyone's quality of life including:
  • the physical and social regeneration of local neighbourhoods
  • community safety and reductions in anti-social behaviour
  • good community relations