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Re-opening a solid fuel fire

Updated: 20 Feb 2019
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Reopening a fire puts you and your family at risk
While it may be tempting to reopen a solid fuel fire, it is extremely dangerous to do so.
Where fireplaces have been closed for many years and have not been maintained or cleaned during that period, reopening the fire poses a substantial health and safety risk to tenants and other occupiers. For example, the existing flue may not be suitable for the fuel being used by the occupant, or it may need to be repaired or replaced entirely as it may be blocked or cracked.
These problems could cause your home and any adjoining property to go on fire, or allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home, potentially poisoning you and family members.
Open fires which have been closed and/or not maintained should never be reopened and used - you could cause serious injury or death. If you have any concerns, please contact your local office.