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Ending a tenancy

Updated: 22 Mar 2019
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You must give us four weeks written notice before you move.
Braniel Estate in East Belfast
You must tell us at least four weeks before you move house, and you must tell us in writing. If you fail to give four weeks notice and a squatter moves in, you may not be able to apply for housing in future and you may not be eligible for public sector housing in future.
We will ask you to allow new tenants to come and look round your house at a time that is convenient for you.

Death of a tenant

Following the death of a tenant the next of kin/relative should contact their district office to advise them of the death of the tenant. If the tenant was living alone, the next of kin/relative is are normally relied upon to clear the dwelling and give vacant possession.
If no initial contact is made by the next of kin and staff in the district office are aware of the death, they may call to the home or send a letter asking to be contacted as soon as possible.
Following the death of a tenant, we will allow the next of kin/relative a reasonable period of time to clear the property, but the rent account will not be terminated until we receive vacant possession. We may contact the Executor of the will to reclaim outstanding rent from the estate of the deceased.
If someone had been living with the deceased tenant they may be entitled to succeed to their tenancy. In such circumstances they will be invited to complete an application form requesting succession of tenancy and their district office will write and advise them of their decision.

Bereavement service

If you need to report the death of someone receiving Social Security benefits, you can do this by contacting The Bereavement Service using a dedicated freephone number - 0800 085 2463.