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Equity sharing - part ownership, part rental

Updated: 21 Mar 2019
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Equity sharing allows you to buy as little as 25% of the property and pay rent on the remainder
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Equity sharing is a part ownership, part rental scheme. Equity sharing allows tenants to buy as little as 25% of their home. Whatever percentage of the home is bought, the remaining portion is rented from the Housing Executive.

Are there different eligibility rules for equity sharing?

Tenants buying under the expanded house sales rules, incorporating equity sharing, must fulfil all of the criteria and are subject to the same rules.  

What is the minimum equity tenants can purchase?

Tenants can buy any percentage of equity above the 25% minimum.  Buying additional equity is known as staircasing.  After buying the initial equity the smallest amount of equity that can be purchased is 5%.

How much discount can I receive under equity sharing?

Under equity sharing the maximum amount of eligible discount is related to the level of equity purchased.