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Tenancy Fraud

Published: Wed, 3 Dec 2014
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Click on the link to the left to report suspected fraud online.
Suspect fraud
Every year, people on the waiting list are denied a Housing Executive home because of tenancy fraud. Find out more about different types of tenancy fraud, what happens if you commit tenancy fraud and how you can report it.

Report tenancy fraud online (Northern Ireland only)

If you get caught committing tenancy fraud you may lose your right to housing in the future. The most common types of tenancy fraud are shown below.

Not telling the truth when applying for a property

When a person gets a Housing Executive property by giving false information in their application, they are committing tenancy fraud. For example, the person may not tell us that they:
  • already rent another Housing Executive or housing association property
  • own a property
Fraud is also committed if a person claims to have children when they do not , thinking they will be given a higher priority for a home as a result.

Renting out (sub-letting) a property without permission

When one of our tenants rents out their home without our knowledge or permission they are ‘unlawfully sub-letting’.
For example, a tenant continues to pay rent directly to us but charges a higher rate to the person they are sub-letting to. The tenant (who should be living in the property) then keeps the extra money.

Living in a property after someone has died without the right to do so

When a tenant dies, the tenancy can sometimes legally pass to another family member. This is called ‘succession’.
Fraud happens when, following the death of the tenant, someone continues to live in the property even when they have no right to. For example, they might not tell the landlord of the death of the tenant, but continue to live in the property.

What happens if you commit tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud means someone who may be in greater need of housing doesn't get the chance to be offered a property.
If you are caught committing fraud, you're likely to lose your tenancy and you could lose your right to social housing in the future.
Depending on the seriousness of the fraud, it’s also possible you could be fined and/or sent to prison.

How to report suspected tenancy fraud

You may be suspicious of another tenant if you:
  • think they have another home we don't know about
  • have seen them collect rent from a neighbour
You can report suspected fraud on tel. 03448 920 900. You don’t have to give your name or address when reporting suspected fraud.
Alternatively you can:

Report suspected fraud online (Northern Ireland only)

How we check for tenancy fraud

We have several ways of preventing tenancy fraud. These include:
  • checking a tenant’s housing record against other records – for example, Housing Benefit or the Electoral Roll
  • checking the genuine tenant lives at the property – for example, we can ask to see their passport and a signed tenancy agreement
Checks can happen at any time during the person’s tenancy, without any warning.
There is also further information available on how we deal with Housing Benefit fraud.
You can report either suspected Tenancy Fraud or Housing Benefit fraud using the online reporting form or telephone number above.