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Stock Condition Survey

Updated: 20 Feb 2019
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A Stock Condition Survey of our housing stock was cariied out in 2014/15
High rise flats in Belvoir Estate, Belfast
In 2014/15 Savills carried out a Stock Condition Survey of our housing stock.
The findings of this survey have been used by the Department for Communities to forecast our future investment needs, while we have used it to develop our new Asset Management Strategy and 10 Year Investment Plan.
The Stock Condition Survey report and the Asset Management Strategy can be found among the documents on the Asset Commission page on this website at
The 10 Year Investment Plan is currently being prepared.
Savills’ survey was a sample survey that inspected around a quarter of our housing stock.  It is good practice for social housing landlords to inspect their stock on a regular basis, and therefore we are now establishing an in-house survey team to carry out an annual survey programme.  Initially this survey will focus on the properties that were not inspected by Savills, so that within a period of 5-6 years we will have gathered condition data on all of our stock.
After this an ongoing rolling survey programme will ensure that we have continually updated information on the condition of our dwellings.  This will help us better determine strategic and local investment needs and target our funding and programmes.
We will be writing to tenants soon to let them know what will be involved in this survey.