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Stock transfer

Updated: 18 Mar 2019
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The Stock Transfer Programme was announced by the Minister for Social Development in July 2013
Improvement scheme
The Housing Executive’s Stock Transfer Programme was announced by the Minister for Social Development in July 2013. The aim of the Programme was to deliver major refurbishment works to up to 2,000 social homes through transfers to housing associations over the following three years.
Following the implementation of two pilot transfer schemes - in Rinmore estate in Derry/Londonderry and Bloomfield estate in Bangor - further progress on the Programme was put on hold pending the completion of a review of the project by the Housing Executive, the Department for Social Development and other stakeholders.
The review was completed in 2014 and recommended that the Housing Executive should adopt an estate-based approach for transferring stock to housing associations. The principle that tenants should decide on any transfer proposals for their estates through a Tenant Ballot remained unchanged.
Tenants on two estates - Grange in Ballyclare and Ballee in Ballymena - have since been consulted on the stock transfer proposals for their estates and have been given the opportunity of expressing their views through a Tenant Ballot. In August 2017, Grange tenants voted in favour of remaining as tenants of the Housing Executive rather than transferring to a housing association. In September 2018, tenants in Ballee returned a similar vote.
Following these two votes, the Department for Communities decided to suspend the Stock Transfer Programme pending the appointment of a Minister.
As the Stock Transfer Programme was a Ministerial Priority, only a Minister can decide on whether or not to end the Programme.